Vocal Production


Recording with Isha was the very first time I’ve been able to enjoy listening to my own recorded voice. Thanks to his vocal warm-ups and production techniques, i was very happy. -

Michael Litwin -Lead Singer of Sol Horizon


When I heard Isha's first mix of my favorite song on the album, I cried. He nailed it! Beyond the reputation for high-quality sound, working with Isha as our  producer meant having a great human being with marvelous ears and musical ideas on our team.

 Carly DeMento-Lead Singer of Feather-Bright


I would work with Isha in a heartbeat; not just for his superb recording skills, but for the sense of calm, ease, and professionalism he brings to a project.  When the pressure is on, Isha ensures things go as smoothly and quickly as possible, and I trust his judgment when musical choices have to be made. 

Anjani Thomas-Singer and Songwriter

Album Producer

Working with Isha enabled our album to truly be the best it could be. Even though he had an impressive resume going into the sessions, he still managed to treat us (an unsigned, and not famous group of musicians) with the same professional respect and attention to detail, that he would a multi-platinum recording artist. Without a single shred of arrogance or impatience, he offered up extremely helpful tips and suggestions that, in many cases, ended up being our favorite part of the song. Great guy, great work.

. -Elliot Wright MC for Eliquate


I've been recording for over 20 years in many different projects. Isha was a delight to work with. His experience allowed for me to breeze in and out and i was able to stick to my budget requirements. I plan on working with him again very soon. 

Sean Brown-Bass Player for Irie Fuse


Working with Isha was a pleasure. He’s very quick and very focused. I felt like I was in good hands. I highly recommend him! -dUg Pinnick-Singer and Bass for Kings X


"Working with Isha was an amazing experience. He was not only easy to work with but he also listens and has great ideas on how to make songs better without losing the original vibe. He's a true professional and we couldn't be happier with how our record "Wildlife" came out."

Matt Lieberman - Magic Bronson


Isha's professionalism and skills as a producer have been paramount in bringing my musical visions to fruition. His impressive arsenal of sounds and his technological wizardry make co-creation feel almost effortless. He brings fresh perspective and great instincts to every track, and my project has been afforded new and awesome opportunities as a result of our collaborations.

Nikki Stipp - Hooked Like Helen


Isha was a pleasure to work with, he dedicated himself to our project and delivered great results in the studio.

Matt Solodky - Tuff Gong Worldwide 

Technical Wizardry

 Isha Erskine has a very rare mix of technical expertise, deep music theory and creativity. He brought a producer’s eye and ear to the Walk In Beauty project, helping to shape songs and arrangements in ways I never would have considered… but that turned out to be so much better than I had envisioned! He also brought a level of technical wizardry that saved us hours of studio time (and money). And to make it even better he is incredibly easy to work with: Calm, patient, fun. Highly recommended! 

Ed Mills - Singer/Songwriter


Isha is an extremely  talented producer. I have enjoyed working with him on several songs.  The productions he did for our songs came out wonderfully and we have had all of our music signed!  Isha has pushed me to learn & understand some technical elements and has given great feedback on my singing.    I can't wait to collaborate further! 

Michelle Lockey, Singer-Songwriter,

Audio Engineer

Isha has what it takes, across the board, team to record great music.  He is an excellent collaborator on all fronts:technically, musically and as one who truly invests himself as a caring person.  Having worked across the country in a number of studios, I can honestly say that Isha in one of my favorite audio engineers.

Eugene Strawhun - Producer

Maximize Your Potential

As a producer, Isha helped me express my music and maximize the potential of any song I brought to him. Whether it was his extensive knowledge of tone-crafting techniques, his deep ability to assist in the writing process, or his kind and patient personality, sessions with Isha were some of the most formative musical experiences I’ll ever have!

Jesse Crosson - The Color Wild

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