• At the young age of 6 Isha chose to play the violin. By age 8 he was already in need of a new challenge, so he started playing the flute. It could easily be said that Isha was destined for a career in music. In his own words It all began when I was inspired to record the punk band I sang and played for in my freshman year of high school. Isha realized he had found his life's passion. After tackling the rigors of recording his own music as a young teen, he began recording for various local bands in the musically eclectic Northern California area in which he grew up. 
  • While studying music composition, piano, and classical guitar in college, Isha interned at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, California. At this internship he fell in love with classic Neve Consoles and SSL mixing. He knew he wanted to be the master of his craft so he decided to pursue formal training. In 2005 Isha began his professional training at the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Tempe, Arizona (CRAS). By day he committed himself to his education, maintaining a position at the top of his class at CRAS. By night he continued to immerse himself in music by recording many up-and-coming, local Arizona bands. 
  • After graduating from CRAS at the top of his class, Isha moved to Los Angeles where he secured an Internship at Eldorado Studios. There he spent 3 months during the tracking for My Chemical Romances album, Black Parade, produced by Rob Cavallo. Following that internship, Isha worked as a Runner at the world famous Ocean Way Studios. At Ocean Way he learned to expertly navigate some of the best studios in the world. After learning all he could, Isha progressed to be a Recording Assistant at Paramount Recording Studios. The biggest studio chain in the US, Paramount currently owns 9 SSL studios in addition to an arsenal of elite production rooms.
  • In 2007, after gaining experience with many major label record projects including: the hit band, Fall Out Boy, and revolutionary rapper, Common, Isha chose to work as a freelance engineer. Since then he has enjoyed engineering for talented artists at various Los Angeles studios. At Stagg Street Studios, among others, he worked with Jeff Beck, and Kenny Lattimore on his album Timeless which placed at 54 on Billboard (6 on Billboard R&B Charts). He also had the pleasure of working with Macy Gray at Encore Studios. 
  • In the summer of 2008, Isha was selected from a competitive group of skilled engineers to run live sound for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. In addition to perfecting his live sound skills that experience felt like a working vacation and was a treasured break from the Los Angeles studio environment. 
  • Upon his return to Los Angeles, Isha acquired a position as House/2nd Engineer at Glenwood Place Studios. Here he has been privileged to work with purely A-List clientele and learn the art of 5.1-film mixing. Among many talented artists, Isha has had the opportunity to work with experienced producer Salaam Remi and has engineered for Maroon 5, the Black Eyed Peas, J Cole, Wyclef Jean and Joss Stone. 
  • For Isha, recording is not a job but a way of life. So he moved to North California to work with more true artists and independent music. Working out of the rustic Prairie Sun , Tiny Telephone, In the Pocket and Laughing Tiger Studios among others. 
  • In 2015 Isha was awarded a Grammy for his Engineering work on Ziggy Marleys Fly Rasta Album, which won for Best Reggae Album at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. 
  • In 2016 Isha started writing music for film and television, and has had his music on over 80 different episodes including, The Kardashians, 20/20, E News, Dateline NBC, Catfish and Bad Girls Club. 
  • He is currently pursuing his production dreams with various artists. He thinks of these projects as some of his best work to date. But just like the enthusiastic eight year old that was eager for a new challenge with the flute, Isha is currently looking for brave new artists with whom to challenge the status quo and find that brave new sound. Volunteers welcome!  

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