Isha Erskine

Grammy Award Winning 

Producer, Composer, Recording Engineer & Mixer

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Music is what I know, do, and love. It is my greatest passion and inspiration. I have been producing records for musical artists since 2001. What started with Punk Rock bands in garages slowly evolved to working in Los Angeles with top talent from across the spectrum of musical genres and earning a Grammy and Multiple Platinum Records. 



When someone else is producing I am excited to slip into the Engineer roll. I’ve been recording and mixing artists at world-class studios on classic Neve, SSL, and API consoles for many years. I am super-fast at Pro Tools, often referred to as a Pro Tools Ninja or Mad Scientist. I am intuitive and quickly understand the sound an artist desires. With my help, we can get your project done quickly and it will sound amazing.  


Composer and Musician

Between records, I also write music for TV and Film. I have had my music placed in over 80 episodes of television including:  The Kardashians, 20/20, E News, Dateline NBC, Catfish, Bad Girls Club, Young and The Restless and many more. I recently landed a Michelob Ultra advert. If you need music for any media please reach out. I write a large variety of musical styles from acoustic to electronic. I'm also a multi-instrumentalist, regularly playing Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Drums, Synths and whatever else I can get my hands on. 

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